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What is Healthy Communities NC?

The Healthy NC 2030 taskforce, led by NCIOM and NCDHHS, brought together experts and leaders from multiple fields to develop a common set of public health indicators and targets for the state over the next decade. The full report, released in January of 2020, established a north star for localities and organizations to mobilize to accomplish North Carolina’s most pressing goals across housing, education, public health, and economic opportunity.

Cape Fear Collective is committed to helping partner organizations set and measure local goals through its expertise in data & analytics. Our Healthy Communities NC Dashboard enables alignment of community data collection and analysis to the Healthy NC 2030 initiative in order to empower shared hypothesis generation, goal setting, and program measurement.

  • Overview
  • Social & Economic Factors
  • Physical Environment
  • Health Behaviors
  • Clinical Care
  • Health Outcomes